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You have found the most advanced and complete 24/7 action, education and entertainment network to watch free and pay-per-view videos. We have been working with a number of industry partners to keep up with new technology and expand our content range so it can be delivered to give you the best possible experience.

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You can browse through our extensive library of pay-per-view titles on demand from $1.99 – $9.99 (prices are calculated by the length and quality of each title). Check out our FREE TO VIEW videos as well, you can meet our USA partners Martial Arts Show Biz TV with Danny Zaino and the team through their TV Series. We are constantly updating the website with the best and most exciting Martial Arts videos, from Movies, Fight Shows and Training Videos – we have it all. Our FREE TO VIEW section is about to change in the near future so that you will have the choice to either pay to view or watch for free. Obviously money needs to change hands somewhere along the line to pay for this content. This is how it works, you simply watch a short advertisement at the beginning of say a movie and answer a couple of sponsor questions and then watch it for free. You have given a little bit of your time and the producers have gained some valuable marketing knowledge, now that’s fair.

Here are a few of our Youtube connected free videos:

The Korean Taekwondo Demonstration Team performs at Federation Square, Melbourne
Steve Sonsie Free Form Martial Arts interviewed interviewed by Graham Slater for Kapow TV
John Will – BJJ Australia / Will/Machado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ‘ The Gathering’ Graham Slater interviews John Will and covers some of the highlights of the event.
This is the Open Ceremony Intro and demonstrations at Melbourne’s Federation Square (short version – long version 37mins is under our PPV Channel below). Watch the full version under our PPV section
Karate Confederation WKC – Melbourne 2013 Opening Ceremony Melbourne’s federation Square.

By now you are familiar with pay-per-view PPV and it is the only way we can bring you the very best action from around the globe. We cover all martial arts styles but without you paying to view we will not be able to continue showcasing our brilliant sport to the world. Let’s make sure our athletes get the media exposure they deserve, thank you for your support.

Keep watching for more videos coming real soon! Some will be free to view and others pay per view – see the logo on the left for the pay-per-view TV Channel, Enjoy! Thank you for supporting this event and Kapow TV, without you giving a little bit we would never be able to capture such events and showcase these amazing athletes. Promoting martial arts and helping the industry grow starts with media coverage and this doesn’t happen without participation, I thank you again for paying to view.
Graham Slater – Producer


Short and sweet Korean Taekwondo Team blitz their through an amazing demo of boys kapow the girls.

LOOK OUT for our coverage of the 5th International Martial Arts Games in Melbourne. The World Karate Confederation WKC has just run its 9th World Championships through Karate Alliance Australia which is sponsored by Martial Arts Australia. It is so good that all these martial arts groups / associations can work together to promote our sport to the world. The team from Kapow TV was there to cover the event with your favourite host presenters Richard Norton, Graham Slater and Jackson Raine.

20 hour watch window – When you watch a PPV video you get two 10 hour windows to watch it, so that means you can watch it as many times as you can in the first session. Then you can go back to it the next day or week or even a month later now that’s great value!

As you can imagine to offer all this awesome content you need a lot of friends to pitch in. So we partnered with numerous major distributors (as you can see from the movie titles) and the smaller production houses along with individual promoters and instructors to make it happen. This allows us to be able give you a wide variety of general, hard to find and completely unique titles as a constant offerings each week so you will never be bored.

Become an Affiliate – You can just watch the awesome videos and or you can also become an affiliate and the best part about that is 25% of all sales through your site go directly to profiting you and your club!

Finding Videos – Our featured videos are all around the ‘HOME’ page and then we have the ‘Category’ pages from the menu. Use the SEARCH function (in the top right corner) to find videos under the name of a person, a style, a technique, a movie name, an event and so on. Our TV Guide will be out each week showing you our highly recommended titles and you will be able to share this with yours friends so easily.

Martial Arts TV Channel – powered by Martial Arts Australia has certainly kicked off with a bang having being mentioned in an article in Wall St Journal and further mentions in other national and international publications. The Channel has big plans to enable thousands of martial arts school owners to earn extra revenue via operating their own channel provided to them for free.

As part of our Media Platform Partner Spondo’s press release we were featured and here is a paragraph of the article below.

The content aggregator’s most recent channel is, while an advertiser-supported fishing channel will be available later this month. The start-up is also in late stage negotiations with organizations including Village Roadshow, the Australian Football League, the National Rugby League, Cricket Australia.

The Martial Arts TV Channel is creating partnerships in USA, UK and other countries to obtain more unique content and further extend their broadcasting reach. Affiliates / Distributors can be set up in as little as 24 hours ready to sell their own videos and ours, they can use their own website or we can provide one for them. For more news got to our News page.

New Releases – Coming Soon!

Coming Soon
  • Richard Norton Black Belt Complexes Vol 1-3 (Out Now!)
  • Immortality 4 NSW Fight Show - Badato Bros (Out Now!)
  • 1/5/2013 John Will Alpha MMA & BJJ
  • 15/5/2013 Stan Schmidt Teaches Karate Vol 1-3
  • 15/5/2013 Danny Zaino TV US Free To View Variety Show
  • 1/6/2013 Kapow TV Presenter Driven TV Series - Free To View