Martial Arts TV created by Martial Arts Australia and powered by Spondo to bring you the best in martial arts action videos to educate and entertain you.

Watching videos – We have an extensive library of videos from major distributors, smaller independent production houses and promoters / instructors. We have a selection of FREE VIDEOS and an extensive range of Pay-Per-View titles from $1.99 – $9.99 depending on how unique a video is or the length of it. You can SEARCH for videos through the ‘search function’ and gain access to our entire library including all other sports, music and ABC kids programs (Wiggles and Angelina Ballerina to name just two). Each video is given a ticket price and once purchased allows you to watch the title as many times as you like in a10 hour window. You get two 10 hour windows and the second one can be viewed the next day, week or month as it doesn’t have an expiry. Simply hit the button already paid and the system will recognise the available ticket, very cool. No more running down to the local video store picking up and dropping off and no chance of a late return fine, that’s value.

Selling your own videos – If you would like to sell your own instructional or fight show or tournament videos or movies we make it very easy to syndicate sales around the globe. You can see how easy and secure we serve up titles up to viewers and our syndication network puts your video in thousands of affiliate stores around the globe. You can get started by signing up as an affiliate distributor with Spondo then send us your videos or you can upload them yourself and start earning extra cash.

Affiliates sell other people’s videos and make a passive income – You can get your own Martial Arts TV Channel branded in your name / club and start earning 25% of the ticket straight away. For a limited time only all Martial Arts Australia (MMA) members can request a FREE WEBSITE with the built in TV Channel ready to attract more students / customers and sell videos. Not a MAA member but want a TV Channel, no problem we can get you up set up in 48 hours for a set fee.

Affiliate Distributors make double the money – You can get two bites at the cherry as an affiliate selling other people’s videos and as a distributor (content owner) selling your own through all the other affiliates. Once approved you have your own account to upload any video and

Affiliate TV Channels are updated each week automatically by us serving up heaps of new titles keeping the pages fresh and exciting to keep your customers coming back for new titles.

There are two levels of Affiliate Websites on is the basic one fully controlled by us. The second one is a complete website with the basic one integrated into it which allows you to update certain content pages and create extra video playlist for the title you want to promote. All MAA Members get this one as a default TV Channel.

Watch the Affiliate Video on the HOME PAGE to quickly understand how simple it is to start making money.

About Martial Arts Australia – Its a Peak Industry Body and the largest multi-styled association in Australia with over 3000 clubs. It serves as a ‘One Stop Shop’ for instructors / school owners offering a multitude of services for the smallest club to the larger associations. Established in 1993 it has been working on promoting all styles of martial arts to the public to help attract more participants. It has been working on TV projects since 2006 and the Martial Arts TV Channel is the natural progression with the ultimate goal to create the latest 24/7 channel.
Check out the website: www.martialartsaustralia.com.au

New Releases – Coming Soon!

Coming Soon
  • Richard Norton Black Belt Complexes Vol 1-3 (Out Now!)
  • Immortality 4 NSW Fight Show - Badato Bros (Out Now!)
  • 1/5/2013 John Will Alpha MMA & BJJ
  • 15/5/2013 Stan Schmidt Teaches Karate Vol 1-3
  • 15/5/2013 Danny Zaino TV US Free To View Variety Show
  • 1/6/2013 Kapow TV Presenter Driven TV Series - Free To View