This is your chance to get a slice of the revenue from video being watched by becoming an affiliate and selling other people’s videos. It’s great if you just want to sell your own videos but even better selling other people’s as well.

    This process happens a couple of ways:

  1. You can sign up online and use your account to create your own playlists and drop them into your own website – Sounds a bit hard, well the second option might be more appealing for those who aren’t so techno savvy.
  2. You can sign up to the Martial Arts TV Channel through Martial Arts Australia and get a FREE WEBSITE with a customised TV Channel which comes pre- populated and ready to start making you money. Send us an email at to get the info pack quote: TV Member Affiliate Pack.

Affiliate Distributors can make double the money – You can get two bites at the cherry as an affiliate selling other people’s videos and as a distributor (content owner) selling your own through all the other affiliates. Once approved you have your own account to upload any video and sell them around the globe through our syndicated network. We further assist you by promoting you videos through our networks giving you far greater exposure around the globe.

Affiliate TV Channels are updated each week automatically by us serving up heaps of new titles keeping the pages fresh and exciting to keep your customers coming back for new titles.

Watch the Affiliate Video on the HOME PAGE to quickly understand how simple it is to start making money.

We are rolling out thousands of new affiliates over the next few months and really spreading our wings around the globe with broadcast partners. This is a great time to work with us as we are just about to receive over 50,000 hours of new content. Submitting new content sooner rather than later will give you the opportunity to get priority featuring on TV Channel. Paying to view videos is not everyone’s cup of tea as some people want it all for free so we are introducing a new way to share video content. Unique video content unavailable anywhere but under our PPV Channel will be driving force for people to pay and watch however we will be introducing ADVERT FUNDED VIDEOS. What this means is viewers will have the choice to either pay for example $4.99 to watch a movie or watch it for free if they watch an advertisement beforehand and answer a couple of questions. Now that is really cool, getting to watch them for free by just giving the sponsor a bit of your time. At the end of the day we need to keep the entertainment industry alive by paying to watch stuff and this seems a really fair to do it as we all give a little bit and get a lot in return.

If you have been waiting for more action on our part, I can tell you it has all been happening behind the scenes and getting better and better. More content is being loaded as we speak, new ways to syndicate and affiliate are coming in to place and our glorious martial arts is getting much more exposure. Keep coming back and checking on our progress. We hope you will jump on board now by submitting your videos to us and becoming an affiliate today and not miss out on the boom that is about to explode in the martial arts industry with so much vision.

New Releases – Coming Soon!

Coming Soon
  • Richard Norton Black Belt Complexes Vol 1-3 (Out Now!)
  • Immortality 4 NSW Fight Show - Badato Bros (Out Now!)
  • 1/5/2013 John Will Alpha MMA & BJJ
  • 15/5/2013 Stan Schmidt Teaches Karate Vol 1-3
  • 15/5/2013 Danny Zaino TV US Free To View Variety Show
  • 1/6/2013 Kapow TV Presenter Driven TV Series - Free To View