Live Broadcasts

LIVE BROADCASTS starting in May and covering the 5th International Martial Arts Games in Melbourne. The World Karate Confederation WKC will be running its 9th World Championships through Karate Alliance Australia which is sponsored by Martial Arts Australia.
Here are two good reasons to stay at home on the weekend and watch two great fight shows this Saturday and Sunday beamed to you LIVE. You will be watching it LIVE as it happens, how cool is that. We know you would love to be sitting ringside but we can assure you we will be getting you right in the heart of it. Sit back with your beer and popcorn and enjoy.

Short and sweet Korean Taekwondo Team

Amazing demo of boys kapow the girls

Keep watching for more videos coming real soon! Some will be free to view and othes pay per view – see the logo on the left for the pay-per-view TV Channel, Enjoy! Thank you for supporting this event and Kapow TV, without you giving a little bit we would never be able to capture such events and showcase these amazing athletes. Promoting martial arts and helping the industry grow starts with media coverage and this doesn’t happen without participation, I thank you again for paying to view.

Graham Slater – Producer

How does it work?
It’s so easy just follow the links and click through to purchasing a ticket. Pre-purchase it now so all you need to do when the time comes to stream is click play and it will flow uninterrupted action until stumps! On live streams the video of the event is only accessible at that time (not before or directly after) so if you missed the real time stream, you missed it. Not to worry you can watch when we actually load the video as a finished event for you to watch ‘on demand’ on any device. This will appear the same way all our other videos appear in our library and you can watch it as many times as you like within the two 10 hour windows available from one ticket purchase.

If you have had any difficulty accessing the live stream please contacts us for support.

Live Broadcasts of local events is such great move forward in giving martial arts the best air play it deserves. Watch the best action from around Australia right now and the USA and UK very soon available on any device (iphone, tablet, laptop, PC, smart tv) not limited to any cable or box connection. Support your industry and tell all your friends to watch Live Martial Arts TV Action on the Martial Arts PPV TV Channel.

We have had a few live broadcasts in the past and now with our global partners we are going to start doing them on a more regular basis. The more you watch the more we will cover. Let’s promote our athletes and make our sport more professional to attract more followers from other sports and grow the industry we love. The more you support Martial Arts TV, the more popular our sport becomes with the general public and that converts into students in your school. Now that we have partners in UK, US and other countries to follow you will get to much unique content from around the globe.

Many of you are thinking:
how does a live broadcast work –
we lay cables, connect to the internet stream the footage, syndicate it around the globe
how much would it cost to cover my event –
the is a production cost which can be offset by PPV video sales
can I make money from it –
streaming the footage and syndicating it around the globe under a PPV system can very lucrative
what equipment is needed –
we supply all the cameras, switching desks, cables and streaming box you supply the event
how will people find it, who will watch it –
our syndication models gets your video out to thousands of viewers around the globe

Not everything has to be live to be so exciting but it is kind of special knowing as you are watching it is really happening. We have lots of on demand videos in our library, basically cakes we baked earlier so to speak. This library is still building in content and the more PPV videos you watch, the more we can create and better serve up more unique, educational and entertaining vision.

You can contribute to our TV Channel in many ways such as:
Giving us your videos, getting us to cover your events, suggesting what masters and events you feel we should cover, sponsoring/advertising with us, telling your friends about us and of course watching more of our videos.

Want us to cover one of your events or interview a master, contact our production team through

New Releases – Coming Soon!

Coming Soon
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