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Martial Arts TV and Spondo to Deliver Knockout Content Live from Australia

MELBOURNE, Australia, April 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ —, an online portal for all things related to Ultimate Fighting, will bring UFC and boxing fans an exciting program of live content this weekend. The events will also be syndicated using the Spondo platform on ), ), ) and ) and in the US on ) and )

Martial Arts TV, an online video channel dedicated to martial arts, was launched in February to help connect fans of martial arts and Ultimate Fighting with promoters, athletes and the owners of fight-related content. Spondo( ) provides a unique syndication platform that allows anyone with a website, blog or Facebook page to become a broadcaster.

The first event of this weekend’s fight card will be the Sydney premier of the “Combat8″ match style. “Combat8″ fights pit fighters of different disciplines against each other in a ring known as “The Cube” — a specially-created square cage meant to encourage more robust exchanges between different fighting styles. Well-known fighters such as Peter Graham, Ben Edwards, Tai Tuivasa and Wes Capper will participate in the event, which kicks off on Saturday April 27th at 19:30 AEST. A contest between UFC fighter and reality television personality Richie Vas and American fighter Charlie Alaniz will be the evening’s marquee event.

On Sunday April 28th at 14:00 AEST, former Heavyweight Champion James Toney — who co-starred in 2001′s critically acclaimed film Ali — will face off against Lucas “Big Daddy” Browne in an afternoon of boxing from the Melbourne Convention Centre that is sure to be one for the ages.

Additionally, May will see a slew of martial arts-related events take place throughout Australia. On May 9th, the 5th Annual Martial Arts games will be broadcast on Martial Arts TV from Sydney while May 10th will feature an broadcast of the Australian Fighting Championship, Australia’s version of the wildly popular UFC.

All of the aforementioned events will be viewable through Spondo’s proprietary streaming service which allows anyone with a website, blog or Facebook page to broadcast and profit from content.

Chris Adams, Spondo Global CEO & Director described the events as, “A fantastic series of matches that will allow us to further demonstrate the strength and appeal of our business model in a truly global fashion. By helping to connect passionate followers of UFC, AFC and boxing with match promoters and event producers, Spondo is changing the way people seek and consume content online, one round at a time.”

Online Streaming Company Spondo Launches Martial Arts TV

MELBOURNE, Australia, Feb. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Video syndication and streaming company Spondo( ) today announced the launch of Martial Arts TV( ), a new online video channel dedicated to martial arts.

Martial Arts TV( ) features movies, fight shows and training videos all stored in one place, accessed at any time, wherever you are in the world.

Spondo Director, Chris Adams said, “We’ve brought martial arts fans the best in entertainment by leveraging our business partnerships, with Madman Entertainment and other entertainment companies, to obtain the most exciting content available. The launch of a martial arts specific library with the capacity to supply quality content quickly and securely is long overdue. Until now customers would have to spend hours searching for genre-specific content in any number of locations. We believe this didn’t fulfill the demands of the modern-day consumer. Now, if you’re a martial arts enthusiast, Martial Arts TV is the only place you need.”

As purse strings are tightened around the globe, Spondo is offering local martial arts clubs the opportunity to earn 25% of the revenue from each sale on Martial Arts TV to members of their club.

Mr Adams added, “We’re thrilled that through this initiative we can benefit local clubs. Martial Arts TV is built on a progressive business model and being able to help clubs is an essential part of it.”

In addition, an affiliate Broadcaster program is being rolled out around the globe which will allow affiliates — Bloggers, Fight sites, Action sites etc — to promote and sell not only their own videos but content from the martial arts library of content. For martial arts instructors this provides the infrastructure to broadcast training videos and tournaments, which can also be shown via the channel’s broadcast facility.

Videos on Martial Arts TV are available on demand via Pay-Per-View. Payment is accepted through Pay Pal or secure credit card transaction.

About Martial Arts TV
Martial Arts TV is an online hub featuring the best and most exciting martial arts content. Want to watch the latest action film? Want to perfect the latest moves? It’s all here, from feature films released each week, to training videos and fight shows. Videos are available as Pay-Per-View (PPV) and are purchased through Pay Pal or secure credit card transaction.
Martial Arts TV is a joint initiative between Spondo and Martial Arts Australia( ), Australia’s largest martial arts network and business products supplier with links to over 3,000 clubs.

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Martial Arts Council Australia (MACA)

Martial Arts Council Australia (MACA) paves the way to raise $3.5mil over the next 2 years with further ongoing revenue to grow the industry. After consultation with selected industry leaders and professionals a framework has been mapped for martial arts to have its own PR Media Company. Not only will martial arts get promoted fulltime with TV media coverage they will also allocate funds for national competitions, sponsoring of athletes and community programs run by local instructors.

Spokesperson for the Council Graham Slater said 80% of MACA’s framework is in place from using existing relationships built by Martial Arts Australia. It’s about pushing politics aside and not excluding any martial arts style or association from gaining the benefits of the program. Invitations will be sent out to all the schools/associations we have in our database and we hope everyone will share the great news so we can reach the majority of the industry.

These are the first things to implement in the program

  • PR Team to promote martial arts over other sports to the community.
  • TV production crew to cover more events and broadcast them around the globe.
  • Central marketing team directing students enquiries to local clubs / gyms.
  • All Styles – National Competitions (including elite athletes) sponsored.
  • Instructors paid to provide community programs.

This is not a ‘Control Board’ nor a ‘House of Representatives’ if its anything like our government, it is a ‘Council’ made up of people from every style and association who actually work together for the good of the industry. It has the capacity to raise millions each year without anyone paying fees, it does accept there will be politics but that will be minimised, there will voting rights and a united front on where the funds are dispersed fairly and appropriately.

*All Instructors and Committee Members from Associations and Promoters can Register
*All individuals can VOTE but only two from each association

There are three levels of Administration:
1: Registered Participants 2: Members of the Masters Panel 3: Executive Panel

Both will be managed in meetings by the ‘Speaker / Facilitator’

Click Here for More Martial Arts Council Australia Info

Video Streaming Start-Up Spondo Launches Series A Raising

Australian start-up Spondo is seeking 5 million Australian dollars (US$5.1 million) in Series A funding to accelerate global expansion, including opening offices in Los Angeles and Singapore.

The Melbourne-based group is taking on traditional broadcasters such as subscription television networks and online video on-demand providers like Apple Inc.’sAAPL+1.82% iTunes, Hulu and Netflix Inc.NFLX+1.01% by giving content-creators a chance to further monetize their product through an unlimited number of website owners who can create their own channels with commercial and self-created content.

Spondo is targeting anyone who has a website, whether it’s a club or blogger with a specific interest.  If the website owner wants to host video content from Spondo’s partners, everyone gets a percentage of revenue, which can be driven by a host of models including pay-per-view, advertiser support, subscription or a combination. Spondo has a PayPal payment gateway to facilitate purchases.

It means that instead of having a YouTube channel, users can have their own personal channels that can broadcast content that is self-generated as well as that which is offered by Spondo. Entertainers like musicians, comedians or motivational speakers can host their own live performances which can be delivered on to any device including tablets, smartphones and desktops.

To be sure, there are risks. Other companies are also investing in web-based video, and need funds for growth. Nasdaq-listed Brightcove Inc. powers video on thousands of websites including Showtime, Sky, The Weather Channel Macy’sM-4.47% and Bank of AmericaBAC+0.62% Merrill Lynch, while U.S. start-up Pivotshare raised US$1 million last August for its technology that allows anyone to sell audio and video content with subscription or pay-per-view access.

Inception Media, which digitizes, provisions and distributions 100% of the content on iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and ComcastCMCSA-2.21%, has signed a deal to provide Spondo initially with 50,000 hours of premium content. Website hosts or “affiliates” can choose what they’d like to broadcast from Spondo’s platform which is downloadable from its website.

Last month, Spondo signed a deal with The Australian Broadcasting Corporation which gave them access to programs such as The Wiggles, Bob The Builder and Dorothy The Dinosaur on a dedicated online children’s channel: 123TV will soon also show The Future Is Wild, a highly rated documentary series aired by the Discovery Channel. Children’s charities, childcare centers or even schools can stream content from 123TV to their networks for a fee, a portion of which goes to the Starlight Children’s Foundation in Australia.

The content aggregator’s most recent channel is, while an advertiser-supported fishing channel will be available later this month. The start-up is also in late stage negotiations with organizations including Village Roadshow, the Australian Football League, the National Rugby League, Cricket Australia.

Spondo making all the right moves

The company has begun commercial operations and attracted the kind of talent usually reserved for higher-profile ventures. Adams says it has agreements with the ABC, Madman Entertainment, the Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia and others.

“This is massively disruptive,” he says. “It enables anyone with a website to, in effect, be a broadcaster. For example, bloggers who write about footy haven’t been able to show video content of football matches. But with our platform they can be like a Foxtel. Once they’ve signed up with Spondo, they can broadcast matches from their website to subscribers, fans and the community.”

Spondo has launched two content channels – one for children’s programming and one for martial arts – together with a distribution platform suited to the different market segments.

According to Pinskier and Adams, Spondo has all the building blocks in place – “the right people, a compelling story and the platform technology is proven and validated”.

Adams, an American, believes that Australia has a significant advantage due to its geographical position. “It’s the pivot point between East and West. Hollywood and New York don’t have that. Who says an Australian media, entertainment and technology company can’t disrupt Silicon Valley? We need to expand into the US and Asia. Companies such as Netflix have legacy issues; they’re not flexible enough to move quickly.”

For Spondo, the initial content clients have provided the foundation for growth. The ABC is a well-regarded mainstream provider and the martial arts clubs are niche providers. “There are 2700 martial arts clubs in Australia. There are revenue streams here ready to be tapped.”

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Online Streaming and Syndication Company Spondo Raises AU $1 Million

MELBOURNE, Australia, April 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Before heading to the U.S. for the first leg of a two-month fundraising sojourn, Spondo Global CEO & Director Chris Adams headlined a series of fundraisers in Melbourne with Board Chairman Henry Pinskier that helped Spondo cross the AU $1 million (US $1.03 million) funds-raised threshold, surpassing the startup’s own fundraising goals and enabling it to continue its aggressive push for growth. Spondo, a social broadcasting startup, provides a syndication platform through which retailers can sell and stream video on any website or blog.

In a flurry of activity centering around the Spondo Annual General Meeting in Melbourne, the Spondo leadership team rolled out a series of detailed presentations and company materials that, judging by the sums raised, hit their mark in conveying the innovative and paradigm-shifting business model that Spondo has created. The Wall Street Journal reported in February that the startup was seeking to raise AU $5 million (US $5.1 million). Now, just 60 days later, the company has raised AU $1 million, before tapping the V.C., Private Equity and private investor markets.

The funds raised will help the company to pursue its quest for global growth, including opening an office in Los Angeles later this month. The prodigious fundraising haul will also enable the company to invest in larger content offerings, to hire additional staff and to increase marketing efforts, especially in the digital realm.

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